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A Blog from Palestine

The buildings are rocking. Debris and dust rise everywhere like a fog; airstrikes are rattling all of us; cracking sounds of flames are terrifying us; cries of women, men and children are shaking our hearts completely. All of my family members, except one, are watching the faces of each other and wondering who will be the next one to be killed or injured. My younger sister is playing with her doll and scolding her to not to make a noise, even though she knows that dolls don’t speak. Continue reading


Virtual jobs — New Ways to Make Money Online

ImageInternet has become a best place to explore, learn and make money without the hazard of going out physically. Online-business has demolished the boundaries and regional restrictions on all over the world. Internet provides us the ways to make money online. Almost every business has been attached with the internet. Now, the success of business can never be possible without being online. Some companies are totally based on online, for instance, amazon, ebay, google and yahoo inc. which are making billions of dollars per year. Additionally, you also get an opportunity to discover new sources of income that can help you to make your life a bit more productive and comfortable. Continue reading

It’s the High Time to Get Apple Shares


After rulings in both the technological and financial markets, it seems that the financial position of Apple (AAPL) is deteriorating with decreasing sales of products. Apple, which is holding $514 billion in financial assets, is finally reverting and sharing its once captured stock market with other companies.  In just two months, AAPL’s market value declined from $700 to $546.74 which was the largest decline since 2008.  Continue reading