Monthly Archives: September 2012

Flood, Challenges and Way out

Government has set its Rabi crop target for FY 2010-2011 as 619.3 thousand tones (0.619 million tons) which is 17% less than the last year target whereas the last year production was 571.2 thousand tones. It manifests that this year expectation is 8.42% higher than the actual last year production keeping this devastating flood in view which has damaged 20%  of our cultivated land out of which 6.9 million hectares were highly fertilised. Continue reading


Interest Rate is Not a Substitute of Tax

State Bank of Pakistan raised its interest rate to its highest level 13.5% to cope with the inflation. This step by SBP would not be able to control the real problem of Pakistan’s economy but to create more complexities for economic progress. This rise in an interest rate could not be a substitute of low tax collection. Continue reading